Members of the community are invited to have their say about a series of free ‘live well’ events to be hosted in west Wales during 2021. The events, designed to reconnect and rebuild resilience in the community will be coordinated by Life Seeker CIC, a social enterprise reinvesting profits into the production of a positive living digital newspaper and wellbeing activities to support the west Wales community.

This project has been made possible by an award of £1,994 from Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Sally Boyton, Founder and CEO of Life Seeker CIC shares,

The Life Seeker newspaper is proving very successful as a free resource to inspire the west Wales community to live well and so we are delighted to receive this small financial boost to further increase our impact with (hopefully) face to face activities in 2021.

The support for these events comes at a crucial time when our community needs uplifting the most. When we play more, we reach a state of ‘flow’, where our minds are focused purely on the task at hand, meaning it gets a little break from external thoughts and ongoing life stresses. And if we experience flow regularly, we benefit physically and mentally. We’re passionate about bringing more fun into people’s lives and looking forward to seeing people experience the benefits at our events.

Potential activities include a singalong/music jam, growing your own food, guided meditation, a wellbeing walk, an ‘eat well’ workshop and putting your 2021 vision into action.

To help shape exactly what is delivered, Life Seeker is asking individuals to vote for their preferred activities from a shortlisted number of topics by completing a short 5 minute survey, after which they will respond appropriately.

The survey can be found at


Image: Previous live well events hosted by Life Seeker CIC