Western Power Distribution’s Power Up advice hubs are helping customers to save money and keep warm.

As part of their Social Obligations programme, we’ve developed a number of innovative schemes to tackle fuel poverty. These are the first of their kind for a Distribution Network Operator and are already helping many customers to save money and keep warm.

Their key fuel poverty scheme is the ‘Power Up’ initiative. Western Power Distribution has developed this from their commitment to contact all of their customers that they know to be potentially vulnerable in a power cut, to check and update their details. Every customer that they contact is given the opportunity to be referred to one of their Power Up projects. They provide direct referrals to an expert partner who then offers a range of income, tariff and energy efficiency support and advice. To make sure that the projects benefit their customers, they monitor all referrals so they know that each one has had an outcome

In 2018 the projects supported more than 8,900 customers. A large number of these customers are benefiting financially saving  – £1.9m from the support provided.

To find out more please contact Karen McCalman, Social Obligations Officer – 01332 827 644 or kmccalman@westernpower.co.uk or take a look at their leaflet.