The Mice are making ready to return to Solva!

Solva Care have been sent a message in a bottle from Mousel to say that supplies are being packed and the mice are readying the boat for the return journey to Solva! The mice are expected to land in the harbour at Whitsuntide and then make their way to take residence all around Solva for their summer holidays. Please make them feel welcome by putting out your own crafted or painted mice and join in with the family mouse house trail – the more the merrier!

If you would like to join in – produce or host a fun mouse – get in touch with Chris and Ellie Sherwin on 07788 583602 or

From our 2023 Mice Trail:

Mouse leaflet

Many thanks to Peter Taylor,  who originally started the Mouse trail in Aberporth, and kindly let us use his idea and painted a picture of the mice arriving at Solva Quay for our own Mouse trail.