Great photo – thanks Helen! – from Nadia’s Craft session at last week’s Friday Club. For the first of two follow-on sessions Nadia came prepared with clay, tools, samples of Easter egg cups such as chicken, bunny, cockerel and several intricately designed prototypes. Nadia’s clear and expertly delivered explanation took us through simple processes that included cutting, molding and modelling individual egg cups. She also provided templates for a ‘feely’ Easter cross that was taken up by most of the group.
This therapeutic moulding and designing of egg cups provided opportunities for members to follow instructions, choose and design options, refine motor skills, create a useful and satisfactory product to take home as well as stimulate social interaction.
Clearly these craft session are reaping rewards in all the above. Our members now need little support and have become virtually independent. These sessions have provided inspirational moments whereby members, formerly reluctant to do craft, are now fully engaged; members who immediately get ‘stuck in’ have increased their concentration and along with others, have further explored their craft skills; helpers themselves have benefited by sharing the joy of team work whilst everyone produces a unique design to take home.
Friday Club provides 4 session of craft per term and hopefully this will continue.