The Solva Mouse Trail will hopefully return this year – keep your eyes peeled!

In the spring of 2020, a boatful of mice escaped from being chased around Aberporth and made their way around the coast to Solva on the “Big Cheese’ sailing boat. By cover of night, they moored in the harbour and came ashore to enjoy all that there is to offer. Some went up the hill to Upper Solva, others stayed in Lower Solva.

Following a successful creative trail in Aberporth by Peter Taylor Art, Solva Care took the initiative to produce a trail around Solva. Small painted mice in various forms began to appear on tiles/ bricks/ pebbles around the area and soon formed a fun family trail. If you looked closely, you would find them fishing, swimming, sailing, dancing, singing and much more. Anyone could join in and add a mouse. There were trail maps, with a quiz, to pick up in several shops and other places in the village to help in finding all of their hide-outs!

At the end of the year the mice sailed home for the second lockdown…..

So, the mice are departing once more

Setting sail for a foreign shore

With a heartfelt wave they cast away

Hoping to return to Solva Quay one day.

……but were getting ready to come back to Solva for their summer holiday in 2021 and join in with all the fun.

And they did! Bringing some new friends along.

We are hoping that they will be coming back again this year – watch this space!